Media Illusional is an independent production company that specializes in conceptualizing, developing and delivering comprehensive and tailor-mademedia services in the areas of television,film, documentary and corporate video productions.

Based on the principles of entertainment during the ‘Great Depression’ when media and entertainment was used to escape the harsh realities of ‘economic downturns and the war, etc.’ Media Illusional has learnt the art of creating and providing media entertainment that can provide our audience an ‘escape’ and create that illusion of a ‘make believe world and imagination’

Our extensive background and experience in the media industry (i.e. producing, acting and directing in TV productions, short and feature films, documentaries, etc.) has taught us the knowledge and skills to deliver high quality productions. We therefore get involved in the end to end production development process wherein we conceptualise, develop, execute and shepherd the production in order to ensure delivery of high quality production within budget and time.