Media Illusional has attained relevant ‘behind the scene and in front of the camera’ expertise require to effectively conceptualise and implement successful productions. We offer the following services:

Television and Film Production

Driven by our passion, experience and technical expertise, we turn stories and concepts to a ‘make believe world of escapism and beyond the average imagination.’ Media Illusional does the development and physical production of new media, and television programs. As trained professionals in the field, Media Illusional has the capacity and experience to execute various TV and film productions in all genre.
Completed productions are distributed through various media channels which include local broadcasters, DVD distribution, film festivals both locally and internationally and cinemas.


Despite our illusive style of TV production and film making, we do not forget the realities and challenges of life from the past to the present. We’ve adopted a style of documentary film making where we tell stories about real people for real people. We are skilled in delivering documentaries that offer more than just a good supply of stories, they have dynamic visual treatment which speaks to our target audience.
The reality feature is what gives us license to tell our documentary stories differently and with authenticity. These documentary stories are then effectively executed through extensive research and high impact technical delivery.

Corporate Video Productions

Media Illusional understands the needs of the corporate and business relating to investments that you make in

  • Training and developing staff
  • Communicating effectively
  • Marketing & advertising, etc.

We understand that even though they are key strategic enablers for your business growth, they often come at a cost. Therefore as an alternative to making your penny stretch and bringing you a return on investment, we offer effective visual solutions for your business’ training and communication requirements.

Partnering with Media Illusional production can assist your company to realise the following benefits:

1.Saving costs associated to the process of designing, developing and implementing training for your staff, such as:

  • Travelling,
  • Training Material,
  • Training Manpower (i.e. trainers),
  • Telephone Costs, etc.


2.Offering you a more efficient mechanism for delivering your message to a broader target audience cost effectively.